Manta Ray Threats

National Geographic Magazine: Rays in Trouble

Posted on August 12, 2012

National Geographic Photographer Thomas P. Peschak’s disturbing image of mobula rays for sale in Sri Lanka is featured as a double page spread in the August 2012 issue.  National Geographic Magazine magazine reaches an audience of tens of million of people around the world and the threats posed by the trade in manta ray and mobula gill rakers for traditional Chinese medicine has now been firmly placed on the international conservation agenda. The article’s text is based on the excellent Shark Savers/Wild Aid “Manta Ray of Hope” report.

To capture this image Thomas climbed onto the roof of the fish market at dawn and hunted for a angle that would allow him to overlook the area where manta and mobula rays are landed and put up for auction. With the camera on a tripod he used a long exposure to blur the bustle of fishermen and traders but leave the dead rays sharp and in focus. Technical details: Nikon D700, 24-70 mm lens, f22, 25 second exposure, ISO 320, tripod.


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