Thomas Peschak with Whale Shark (Self Portrait) ©Thomas P. Peschak

About Ocean Reportage

After more than a decade of photographing the ocean and writing books and articles on marine conservation, I recently surfaced for air just long enough to take stock of my photographic and conservation journey.

I am delighted by how people have embraced my work and am continually inspired by the phenomenal level of interest, especially in how I capture photographs. Reporting stories about the ocean is an ongoing challenge and the number of people who understand this is growing.

I created to share the stories behind my photographs  (Behind the Photographs), tell of personal experiences while on assignment for National Geographic Magazine and other publications (In the Field) and let you know of my published work and upcoming events (In the Media). I also cast my net wider as I profile images, people, and literature that have inspired me and shaped my work as a environmental photojournalist (Insights).

I want the Ocean Reportage blog mimic the tides that drive so much of our oceans’ life. My posts of photographs and stories ebb out to you and your thoughts, insights, and suggestions flow back to me.